Walmart+ and My Love for Fresh Produce

Camille Turney shares Walmart+ Grocery Benefits.

The category of grocery I purchase the most of each time I do shopping is produce. I eat some kind of fruit and vegetable every day, so I go through them pretty quickly. I’m also SO picky when it comes to buying produce. I need it FRESH. I’ve been using my Walmart+ membership to deliver my groceries for almost a year now and I’ve always been impressed with the grocery quality. I really like that getting groceries delivered to my door doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice having my produce be fresh.

Camille Turney shares Walmart+ Grocery Benefits.

I love this for my weekly groceries, but I’m even more grateful that I’m able to use my Walmart+ membership with Free Same-Day Delivery* on days I get inspired to cook something new, so that I can easily place an order just for exact amount of produce I need for a specific recipe. This way I have exactly what I need, it’s fresh and I don’t have to worry about anything spoiling in my kitchen since it’s delivered quickly and just in time for cooking!

Also, with my Walmart+ membership I get all of the same prices as in-store, with no hidden fees 🙌🏻

Camille Turney shares Walmart+ Grocery Benefits.

Now what makes my very picky produce-loving heart even happier? All of the organic options I can shop from my local store via Walmart+. For instance, for my very easy weekday meal of beef stuff peppers, I use organic red bell peppers. They are juicy, bright and delicious!

Since my groceries are picked up directly and quickly from my local store, they arrive fresh and ready for me to make some meal magic with 🥰

Visit to start your free trial!

Camille Turney shares Walmart+ Grocery Benefits.

My easy recipe for beef stuffed peppers:

  1. Cut bell peppers into halves. Place on baking sheet and cook for 5 minutes at 350 degrees
  2. Cook ground beef to your liking. When cooked through, mix beef with some ricotta cheese
  3. Scoop beef mixture into cooked pepper halves. Top off with parmesan cheese (or really any cheese you prefer)
  4. Cook for 10 minutes
  5. Remove from oven and serve

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