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best amazon swimsuits

I have quite a few swimsuits I’ve purchased from Amazon that were very inexpensive, fit well and have held up nicely summer after after. Both my hubs and I are wearing Amazon swimsuits and I’m sharing them along with the others I have and love below!

Swimsuits I’ve Bought and Loved from Amazon


  • One of my favorite English Factory dresses is on sale, almost $25 off.
  • I have one more episode left in White Lotus and just like the rest of the America, my love for Jennifer Coolidge has been reignited. Love these photos of her.
  • I’m a big fan of shackets and get a lot of wear out them, so every year I like to add another to my closet. I love the coloring and look of this plaid shacket.
  • I love skincare acids. I introduced the first into my skincare routine many years ago and have never looked back. Apparently this one is the newest “it” acid.
  • I’ve got my eye on the New Balance 327 sneaker and apparently so does everyone else, because they sell out very quickly. Love their look.
  • Clogs are back baby and I’m INTO them. I, of course, had a pair when I was I think in elementary? These convertible clogs are available in 4 colors and are 40% off.
  • This wide-leg jumpsuit makes me happy.
  • I roll my eyes at celebrity brands, it’s usually not my cup of tea. However, my love for wine has always had me curious about some of the celebrity wines, ever since I tried avaline wine and loved it. This sommelier gives his thoughts on 16 celebrity wines.
  • Colored sunglasses are big right now and I kind of love them. This site has a great collection.
  • Just like the author of this article, I too can barely use a wine key opener. And just like the author, I also swear by this electric wine bottle opener. Before I bought it, I was without an electric opener for a few weeks because my other one broke and I kept forgetting to buy a new one. All I had to use was my wine key opener and I would ACTUALLY SWEAT while using it and often times just gave up and grabbed tequila instead.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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