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What are you watching these days? I usually have a couple of shows I switch off with, generally dramas or procedurals. However, the past month life has been particularly heavy both personally and universally, so I’ve only wanted to watch lighthearted and silly stuff. I don’t really watch TV during the daytime and instead listen to music or podcasts while I work, but lately I’ve actually been watching the podcasts I usually listen to on Youtube. I really love it and also totally feel as though I’m like all of the young-ins these days that watch everything on Youtube lol. I get it now-it’s fun!


A while back I shared some of the podcasts I listen to. Some of those have changed, as I don’t listen to True Crime anymore and grew out of liking others, but a handful I’ve stayed a big fan of and have been for many years. Below are my favorite podcast shows I watch on Youtube now. I love stand-up comedy and the majority of podcasts I listen/watch are comedians. I just love silly stuff and funny people bantering. Some of the podcasts below can be crude and if you’re easily offended some of these might not be for you. They crack me up and bring me joy though, so I wanted to share!

Trash Tuesday, Taste BudsBad Friends, The Endless Honeymoon Podcast, Whiskey Ginger

If you listen/watch any of these and want to laugh together about anything from them, comment/email/DM me because I love talking silliness! There are few things I love more than a good laugh, it’s just the best. Whatever your comedy style is, make sure you’re making room for movies, podcasts, shows etc. that bring laughter into your life-we all need it!

As for TV shows: cartoons, baking shows, comedies and reality show competitions (low stake drama, am I right?) are my favorites to watch before bed and also when I need just lighthearted TV.

Here is what I’ve been watching:

Bake SquadMaking the CutTacoma FDMonsters at WorkGlow UpGrace & Frankie

Another thing I’ve been up to in my leisure time is casually looking at fall destinations to plan a little trip to in the next months. I’ve got the itch to travel and I’d love to escape to somewhere that actually experiences a true Fall (leaves changing and all). I’m usually very good at planning trips and creating trip itineraries, but the options for Fall foliage viewing are actually pretty overwhelming and I know zilch about most of them, so it’s turning out to be harder than I thought. Let’s see what happens-if you have any advice on this, I’d love to hear!

I hope you had a great long weekend and have a wonderful week ahead of you!

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