Amazon Shirt Dress Outfit and other Amazon Finds

Amazon shirt dress outfit by Camille Turney

Happy humpday! I’m coming to you from my office desk where I’m eating Chili’s 😋 I went on Ubereats earlier looking for something to order for lunch and saw that Chili’s now delivers to my house! I LOVE Chili’s and so this was deliciously wonderful news. Especially after I finished my second cup of coffee by 10:30am, I needed something that was going to make the busy day I’m having better.

I went from being in a bit of an slump with emotions and anxiety last month, to being non-stop with work since the start of September. I haven’t worked out in a month, which is very strange for me, but I always listen to my body and mind when it comes to working out and really any type of physical or mental exertion and by now I know the difference between taking myself out of a lazy moment and knowing it’s more than that and I really do need to just relax.

I have told myself that before this week ends I will get back in the gym, so I’m excited for that! I also stay away from feeling discouraged or overwhelmed when I take off from working out and instead feel a new wave of excitement and gratefulness to get my body moving a lot again. Perspective 😌

I’m also SO excited to share that I was able to make a Fall Foliage happen! Woohoo! I spent hoursssss researching city, towns, foliage schedules etc. and was able to plan it all. We’re so pumped, because we’ve never seen the leaves change. We’ve been to areas where Fall foliage occurs, but we’ve aways gone in the winter or summertime. I think it’s going to be magical! 🍁🍂


Onto this Amazon Shirt Dress Outfit of my mine. The second I saw this shirt dress I loved the pattern and coloring and knew it would look great paired with a gold chain belt, which I didn’t have so I purchased one on Amazon. A gold chain belt can be worn tons of ways, so I’m glad I now have one in my closet. As for the shirt dress, the material is far from fancy, but I do like that it’s thick enough to not be see-through while remaining lightweight. I also really like the pattern on the inside of the sleeve when you cuff it- it’s a cute detail!

I’m wearing one of my new pairs of slide mule heels. These aren’t as comfortable as these that I now own in 2 colors, but they’re still comfy and I like that these have a taller heel and bolder straps.

I’ve gotten pretty lucky with my amazon fashion finds lately, so I wanted to share more of them with you below!

10 of my recent amazon fashion finds

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