What to Wear for a Warmer Fall

What to Wear for a Warmer Fall

One of the most frequently asked questions I get during this time of the year is What to Wear for a Warmer Fall. How to embrace the season style-wise when you live somewhere that rarely drops below 65° on it’s coldest day? 🤔  By now I know what works and what doesn’t (even if my Fall fashion-loving heart wants it to!) and what pieces I find myself buying and wearing time after time.


The outfit above is a good example of something I’ll wear on a cool day here in Miami, it leans into the season, while remaining cool enough for that afternoon sun. And while I have invested in cold weather staples like a trench, wool coat, turtle necks etc. for when I do travel to cold weather destinations, I like for most of my Fall and Winter style purchases to work for the kind of climate I experience both during travel and here in Miami. No use buying a bunch of stuff I can only wear once a year on a trip.

So today I’m sharing What to Wear for a Warmer Fall by sharing the pieces I choose to buy and wear often during these seasons!

What to Wear for a Warmer Fall

The $10 Thin Sweater

What to Wear for a Warmer Fall

I’ll start with the sweater I have in 3 colors and is TEN DOLLARS. This lightweight knit sweater is to this date one of my favorite purchases, because of the price and versatility. I actually wear it all year-round, even if just at home, because it so simple and comfy.

The Crop Sweater

I also love a cropped henley sweatshirt or polo style crop sweater. The cropped details allows for them to be breezier and also look really cute with shorts and anything high-waisted.

The Stripe Long Sleeve Tee

What to Wear for a Warmer Fall

Stripes always feel right during Fall. They’re classic and I love wearing my stripe tees during the summertime and transitioning to my long sleeve ones in the Fall. It’s essentially a tee, so it’s an easy option for when temperatures drop even just a little. I’m wearing this one, just in a different collar style.

Dresses in Fall Hues

What to Wear for a Warmer Fall

One of the simplest ways to embrace Fall is with a color scheme. This is actually the first way I start dressing for Fall here in Miami, when the season has begun, but it’s still too hot for anything really cozy. And my favorite way of embracing the season’s color scheme is with a dress that has muted colors, neutrals or deep hues. That could be florals, stripes or an animal print.

Stripe and Plaid Blazers

What to Wear for a Warmer Fall 4

Stripes and plaid…again. I wear these blazers with just about everything in the Fall, but particularly love wearing them with shorts and overalls for a little bit of an unexpected pairing and it’s a good way to get a balanced outfit for crisp weather that is still not very cool yet. I have this plaid blazer (pictured above in a different color) and think it has a great fit and quality to it.

The Shacket

What to Wear for a Warmer Fall

The shirt jacket or shacket is big again this year and it’s obvious why. It’s oversized look is comfortable and cozy and it’s such a great option for those of us who can’t wear a heavy or thick jacket. I also love how shackets look layered up too, which means they are one of my top pieces I’ve been purchasing for Fall both here in Miami and for traveling to colder temps.

The Lightweight Cardigan

What to Wear for a Warmer Fall

I have so many cardigans, they are my favorite. I actually wear them all year long, since I like to wear them at home a lot or bring them with me a lot of places in case I get cold. When it comes to cardigans I wear the most during the Fall and prefer long and thin styles. Thin for obvious weather reasons and long because I love how it looks with shorts, which I mentioned before I like to wear a lot during Fall with a cozy situation up top. I also think they make a jeans outfit look very chill and I love that. Above on the right I’m wearing this cardigan that is so so soft and feels very similar to my much more expensive cardigans.

High Top Sneakers

What to Wear for a Warmer Fall 1

Since a lot of boots, even booties, can often be too hot, I like to wear high top sneakers in place of them. I think they offer similar vibes, if remaining causal, and look great with things booties look great paired with, like cropped pants and or tucking pants into them.

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