The Versatile Sweater Vest

Sweater Vest and Jeans and Boots

Coming at you today with another piece synonymous with Fall and Winter that is so versatile that this Miami-living girl can get just as much use out of it in this not-so-cold Fall. The versatile sweater vest can be worn so many ways that I think even investing in a higher-priced style or splurging on a cashmere one could be justified. However, I’m sharing a sweater vest that is $18. Yup, a soft $18 sweater vest that is available in 4 colors. Perfectly oversized so you can wear it by itself as I did or over tons of different pairings.

The $18 Versatile Sweater Vest

Moving onto my jeans. I’m wearing the same jeans I have in 3 other washes, but these are the brand’s “curve” option which is made for those with a small waist to bigger butt and thighs ratio. That’s generally how I would describe myself and often times find lots of jeans will fit my butt/thighs but gap in the waist or they’ll fit my waist and be real tight on my butt-kind of flattening it, because of how tight they are. I like that these are roomier than my others, giving me a more relaxed fit in them and they don’t smoosh my butt which I like. However, I find them baggier in my thigh and throughout the rest of my leg than I typically like in my go-to jeans. For size reference I’m a 26 or a 2 across 99% of bottoms. I think if my hips were a little curvier on the sides I would’ve filled up the jeans for a more fitted look. I also think if you’re someone who has trouble with jeans being too snug on your calves, these could be a great option since they are roomy in that area.

I’m still happy to have them-I like having the option for a relaxed-fit jean that isn’t quite boyfriend style. As for my boots, these hutch and suede boots are surprisingly very comfortable. I always tend think that there is no way boots that are really cute could be really comfortable too. I stand corrected. I wore these boots all day long on my recent trip, while doing tons of walking and my feet didn’t hurt at all. I will say wear high socks with them, this helps with any rubbing in the back of your ankle.

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