Patio Decor with Outdoor Trimaran Fans from Hunter Fan Company

Outdoor Trimaran Fans from Hunter Fan Company

Hello from my backyard patio! It’s my happy place. It’s come a long way from what it originally looked like when we moved into my house last year. From our turf grass and beautiful 30 x 30 tile to our extra high terrace roof and fans. Today I’m sharing My Patio Decor with Outdoor Trimaran Fans from Hunter Fan Company!

Black Outdoor Trimaran Fans from Hunter Fan Company

Do I look in love with them? Because I am. Let’s start first with the look of these Outdoor Trimaran 52 inch fans: Matte Black, with a design that is sleek and modern. This was exactly what I was looking for as the rest of my backyard’s design is simple and modern. I like that this fan has only three blades, I find that gives a more minimalistic look that I love. Especially with having three fans on my terrace roof, I wanted the fans to not take away from my open-air space, but instead look cohesive. These Trimaran fans do just that.

Black Outdoor Trimaran Fans from Hunter Fan Company

These fans are part of Hunter Fan’s WeatherMax® collection, which means they are tough against corrosion and salt air, and wet-rated to hold up in even extreme weather elements. In case you weren’t aware, Miami receives as much rain as it does sunshine, so having fans that wouldn’t be affected by rain or humidity was essential. I also live within just a handful of miles from the ocean and the fact that these Outdoor Trimaran Fans are salt-air resistant too makes these truly the perfect fans for my backyard patio.

Black Outdoor Trimaran Fans from Hunter Fan Company

Black is the accent color of my entire house, both inside and outside, and the way these fans blend seamlessly with my aesthetic is *chefs kiss*.

Black Outdoor Trimaran Fans from Hunter Fan Company

The last detail of these outdoor fans that blew me away (pun intended) was their SuperSpeed™ and WhisperWind™ motor that offers so much breeze, while remaining undetectable. Every time I look up at these fans blowing so much refreshing wind, moving so quickly, I always expect to hear something and never do. So impressive and keeps my outdoor space peaceful.

Now onto some other Fall decor details of my backyard patio this season…

Fall Backyard Patio Decor. Fall Table Setting.

Give me a little pumpkin and I will find 100 places to decorate with it 🙃

Fall Backyard Patio Decor. Outdoor seating area.

My patio seating area always gets a seasonal update with new pillows, flowers and blankets.

Backyard Patio Dining Area

Click HERE to shop my exact fans, the Trimaran Outdoor 52 inch. To find out more about Hunter Fan Company’s WeatherMax® engineering click HERE.

This post is in collaboration with Hunter Fan Company.

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