Best Leggings for Petite and Curvy Women

Best Leggings for Petite and Curvy Women. Abercrombie Cinched Leggings

Finding the best leggings for petite and curvy women can be challenging. For me personally, most leggings will hit at a perfect length, but be too snug on my bum and others will be miles long and I’ll have to roll them up at the bottom. Or I’ll have to size up in order for leggings to fit my bum and thighs, but then they’ll be too large at the waist.

 So today I wanted to share my favorite leggings that hit all of the marks for me!


Best Leggings for Petite and Curvy Women

Abercrombie & Fitch Contour Leggings

Abercrombie & Fitch has a few different styles of leggings that have their contour fit, which is not only flattering but the material of these leggings is BUTTER. Without a doubt the softest leggings I own. I have them in the two styles above. The cinched waist high rise leggings are unique, with a drawstring, and the v waistband leggings are more classic. With the drawstring waistband legging you’re obviously able to adjust the waist which is an added plus and the v waistband is just all together really flattering.

Amazon Ultra Soft High Waisted Seamless Leggings

I’ve purchased tons of leggings on amazon looking for a pair that not only fit me well, but would hold up well after lots of wear and washes. I finally found the Ultra Soft High Waited Seamless Leggings. The thick waistband is really comfortable and with a 25″ inseam these hit a perfect spot. The material is good too, making these great for both working out and casual wear. I have two pairs of these.

Athletic High Waisted Sweat -Wicking Fabric Seamless

When it comes to working out, my favorite leggings of all time are these High Waisted Sweat-Wicking Fabric Seamless Leggings. I’ve been wearing these leggings for many years, by now I have 4 pairs. As someone with muscular legs, I find these so comfortable to wear while working out. And because they have a good amount of compression to them, I love to travel in these too. These also have a thick waistband that is really smoothing, so it looks great under tops or when worn with a cropped top.

High Waisted Faux Leather Leggings 

I had been on the fence about faux leather leggings for a while, mainly because I wasn’t sure how comfortable they would be. I’m always a comfort first dresser and if I’m wearing leggings, you better believe I expect to be extra comfortable. I purchased and tried out 3 pairs before finding these High Waisted Faux Leather Leggings that are great. They’re comfortable, not shiny (which was important to me to find in faux leather leggings) and thick enough to add to their dressiness, since these are the kind of leggings you can dress up a bit. These are a tad longer than I’d prefer for leggings, but they’re still not too long and I don’t have to cuff them.

Stirrup Leggings

My favorite thing about these Stirrup Leggings is that they feel and look more like very fitted cigarette pants, thanks to their thicker material and the pleat in the front that elevates them. The stirrup is also a cute addition if you did want to wear these with heels or flats where you can see that detail and of course it’s actual purpose great too, which is to keep these leggings in place and not ride up your ankles.

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