15 Amazon Spring Dress Finds

15 Amazon Spring Dress Finds. Cute Amazon dress.

I was about to type “Happy Monday” and it’s a Thursday. That sums up the past two weeks for me. It’s been a blur. March is usually a weird month for me anyway, as it always feels very in between seasons and I’m usually looking forward to the beginning of April for the start of a new business quarter, new season and my husband’s birthday. However, to combat that, for lack of a better word, blah feeling, I’ve upped my game with planning fun stuff for the rest of the month. I mentioned in this blog post that I’ve been trying to do this more often whenever I feel extra busy and that life is a blur-basically during times where it’s easier to plan nothing, I’m trying to be more proactive and plan more things. May seem counterintuitive, but it really helps break up the monotony!


I recently purchased the long sleeve ruffle dress I’m wearing above and can’t wait to wear it all spring and summer long. I’m partial to long sleeve dresses, but have to be particular with them with the heat here in Miami. This dress is perfectly lightweight and breathable, the two things I look for in a long sleeve dress. The cinched waist and adjustable, self-tie neckline are really great details that I find flattering too.

This whole outfit gives me vintage dressing gown vibes-do you remember how some ladies in like the 50’s would wear elaborate ruffled and feathered silk/satin/chiffon gowns with feathered slipper heels while getting ready? So extra 😂  Well, I feel like my outfit is like an updated, can-wear-out-of-the-house version and I’m into it!

This dress is such a perfect dress for the upcoming season, I did a deep dive on amazon for more spring dress finds!

15 Amazon Spring Dress Finds

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