Things That Are Making Me Happy

Things That Are Making Me Happy

Happy humpday! I wanted to share a fun post today with the things that are making me happy lately. Just a random list of stuff that sparks joy, makes me laugh or gives me the feels. A gentle reminder to take care of yourself and turn off things and separate yourself from people that dim your light and bring negativity into your life. And remember, people pleasing usually only pleases everyone else except yourself. Feed your happiness daily like you would your body. Make moments to smile, laugh and let go everyday. Even if it’s quick, even if it’s the last thing you do at night.

Things That Are Making Me Happy

  • The Always Sunnny Podcast.

    • If you’re a big fan of the show, please give this podcast a listen/watch. I prefer to watch, because these guys are just so damn funny. Their last episode was in celebration of St. Patty’s Day, so they got drunk together and it was hilarious and actually really heartwarming too.
  • Ben Rector’s new album “The Joy of Music“.

    • It’s really joyful and moving. Which had a lot to do with his process/reasoning of creating the album and you definitely feel the joy come through. The songs are about life, the good and bad and happy and sad.
  • Cleaning out and organizing my closets.

    • I’ve been putting this off since December of last year, telling myself I’ll get to it soon. Finally, this week I just started grabbing things out of my closets and tossing them onto the floor making it impossible for me to turn back and have to face the mess. It’s honestly a great tactic and I suggest it 😂 Anyway, the process has been tedious, but with every step closer to organization, I’ve felt better and better. There’s nothing like looking at a clean, organized closet.
  • Hilarious real estate Instagram.

    • This Instagram is for local Miami real estate, but if you live in any city where they’re pricing a 2 bedroom/ 1 bath, 900 sq.ft home with cast iron pipes and 7ft ceilings for $650,000, then you’ll appreciate this Instagram. It can help make you laugh, instead of cry, at how unfathomable the real estate market is at the moment.
  • Going outside during sun showers.

    • We went through a dry patch of weather here in Miami with no rain for weeks, but recently have been getting some sun showers and I love them. When they appear, I immediately go outside and listen to the rain hit my patio roof and just soak up the beautiful juxtaposition nature gives us in sun showers.
  • Watching oldies music videos on Youtube.

    • I love putting on a 70’s or 80’s music video on youtube on my TV and then let Youtube take it away with their algorithm, playing similar music videos. I do this a lot while on my computer working on menial things. Not only do I love the music, but the videos are GOLD. Not sure what was running through these artists’ minds when they were making them, but at least they’re all very entertaining in a “what am I actually watching” way all of these years later. Artists like Journey and Lionel Richie are great starting points.
  • Booking and going to see live shows.

    • There is nothing I love more than watching the arts live. Whether it’s concerts, musicals or comedians. Not only have I already done this a few times this year, but I’ve got plenty more booked and with each ticket purchased, joy is definitely sparked and the excitement is real.
  • AHI.

    • I recently discovered AHI, whose full name is Ahkinoah Habah Izarh, and I’m so happy that I did. His music is upbeat, while remaining soulful and chill. Perfect everyday, anytime listening that immediately puts me in a good mood.
  • Baking.

    • Baking isn’t new for me, but with my very busy schedule lately, I hadn’t baked for a few months and hadn’t realized how much I missed it. I promise even if you don’t consider yourself a good baker, just follow any easy recipe, put on a good playlist and enjoy the process and the yummy reward. Baking slows things down and there are times I choose to do it even when I’m exhausted, because of the joy it brings me. I also love sharing my baked goods with loved ones-so that’s an added happy bonus 🥰
  • Scheduling a treat-myself appointment every 2 weeks.

    • Since the start of this year I began doing something I have never done before and that’s actually scheduling some form of a treat for myself every 2 weeks (I’ve never even done that monthly before). Even during my busiest weeks, when I think I’m too busy to step away for an hour or so, I don’t cancel my appointments. And each time I’m so thankful I stepped away and took a little time to show myself some fun love. That can be massages, manicures/ pedicures, hair appointments, facials, shopping at your favorite store etc. and scheduling it in as often as possible AND, most importantly, not cancelling.

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