6 Current 2022 Trends Worth Wearing

Abercrombie Skort and Platform Loafers Outfit

It’s easy to see here on my blog and on my instagram that my personal style isn’t led by trends. Every year during each season there will be a handful of trends that I’ll add to my closet, however, I have to love a trend to wear it and will never wear trendy things for the sake of being trendy. And let me tell you, the older I get the further removed I am from understanding some of the trends that pop up and/or re-emerge. (low rise jeans? that’ll be a hard NO from me). That being said, today I’m sharing 6 current 2022 trends worth wearing. IMO 😉


6 Current 2022 Trends Worth Wearing

As much as I love heels, I don’t wear them very often. So besides my collection of basics, I have to love a trendy heel to decide to buy it. Well, I love platform heels. I actually used to wear them a lot in college and always liked the fun they add to any outfit.


I own regular loafers, slip on loafers and platform loafers. I get the same amount of wear out of my platform loafers as I do the rest, since they’re still a classic style…just with a little oomph.


Wow. Skorts being back in style gives me major flashbacks to my early days of blogging. They were all of the rage in the 2011/2012 days, because of the famous Zara skort. All of these years later and I still love how cute they are.


I’m not usually a crop top kind of gal, but the simple silhouette of a crop racerback tank with a pair of simple bottoms like boyfriend jeans or wide leg trousers is a balanced look that I love.


I have tons of loose and wide leg jeans and pants, so purchasing some loose trousers felt very natural and part of my personal style. These pants look great everything from heels to sneakers.


Matching sets are very in for spring and summer this year, but I’m always buying matching sets. All year, every year. I just love the look and like that each separate can be worn with other pieces.


Click here to see more of what I’m wearing this Spring.

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