15 Tops to Dress Up Your Sneakers and Jeans Outfit

Cute sneakers and jeans outfit

Happy Monday! I’ve been back from my Colorado trip for a few days and boy am I happy to be in lower elevation again. I mentioned on my Instagram stories how I got such bad altitude sickness while on my trip and while everything else about my time in Colorado was awesome, the altitude sickness was bad enough that I’m not sure I’ll be going back for a long time-if ever 🥴 So just a heads up about that possibility, if you plan to visit. I know I wasn’t expecting it at all. And stay tuned for my trip recap coming here to blog, later this week!


Today I’m sharing 15 Tops to Dress Up Your Sneakers and Jeans Outfit, which is a look I often wear while on vacation. While out and about on my trips, I want to be comfortable, but also be in an outfit I wouldn’t mind spending the entire day in and ending up at dinner in, should I not be able to head back to shower and change at some point during the day. So, to counteract the casualness of sneakers and jeans, I love adding a cute top to the look that makes the outfit look more put together.

I personally tend to gravitate towards feminine and/or vibrant tops for this kind of look, as I think it contrasts the sneaker vibe perfectly and makes for a really fun outfit.

15 Tops to Dress Up Your Sneakers and Jeans Outfit

I want to call out the jeans I’m wearing-they’re SO good. For a while now, I’ve shopped almost exclusively at one brand for my jeans. However, after having this pair, I’ll now be adding jeans from this brand too. They have the perfect amount of stretch for comfort, but not too much where they loose their shape and don’t hug your curves. Also, for my fellow petite people, these jeans are available in petite sizing which is always amazing!

You can find more of my petite-friendly jean favorites here.

As for my sneakers, I know I’ve talked about them plenty before, but they’re good enough to mention briefly again. Especially when it comes to deciding on sneakers to pack for travel. These trainers have that classic neutral look with awesome comfort-I can walk around a city all day in these and have no complaints. 

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