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Night Out at Employees Only, Miami Beach

Night Out at Employees Only, Miami Beach

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I’ve just discovered a new cocktail bar in Miami Beach, and I’m here to report back my findings. The popular Employees Only that originated in NYC is now in Miami Beach! What’s great about Employees Only is the location. It is located away from the hustle and bustle of Ocean Drive, and nestled on Washington Avenue.

When I first arrived, I first wondered if I was in the right place. Unless you are familiar with the logo, or unless you know that there is a psychic’s lair in Employees Only(similar to the NYC location), you may be confused. As you get closer, you’ll see this sign, and know that you’re in the right place…

Enter through the green doors, you’ll walk through a palm reader’s lair, and you know now that you are in a unique place…

On the other side of the red velvet curtains is the lounge area:

We kicked the night off with…some cocktails of course!

My favorite cocktail of the night was The Amelia cocktail; a combination of Aylesbury Duck Vodka & St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur shaken with puréed blackberries & fresh lemon juice. The mint garnish not only provided visual appeal, you could actually taste the freshness of the mint with each sip.

My second favorite was the Ginger Smash (muddled ginger root & fresh kumquats, shaken with Tequila Cabeza, Clement Creole Shrubb & fresh lime juice). I appreciated that there was lot of fresh pineapple in the Ginger Smash.

My third favorite was the Hemingway Daquiri (Cana Brava Rum & Fresh Lime Juice Shaken with Maraschino Liqueur & Fresh Grapefruit Juice served straight up). Very tasty, but it was a little tart for my taste. If you like drinks that look sexy, are not too sweet, and some level of tartness, you’ll like this drink.

Three words come to mind when describing Employees Only cocktails: fresh, fabulous, and frickin’ good!

Here are some things to know: There will be an Employees Only location opening in Hong Kong very soon. And get this, if you find yourself at Employees Only at 4:00am, they serve homemade chicken noodle soup to all guests every night, and it’s on the house! Way to cure that hangover.

In summary, I will definitely be back soon, and here’s why. The drinks were fresh, fabulous, and frickin’ good. There are also many cocktails to choose from — Employees Only classics, fancy drinks, apertifs, and long drinks. Though, we only tried one dish(hand-cut steak tartar with crostini & mixed greens salad), it was truly delicious, not to mention the presentation! Their dinner menu is varied and covers everything from appetizers, salads, and entrees. Lastly, our bartender, Milan was fun, knowledgeable, and cute ;-).

Thanks to my Instagram follower (j_velickovic) for suggesting Employees Only, and also to Dacha for having us! Check them out at 1030 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL. Feel free to let them know that I sent you!


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